Our product range:

Based on its successful structure Peram distributes its high-quality product range in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands,
Luxemburg, Scandinavia and South Europe. Germany is the focus of our business strategy. Here we supply the plastics, lacquer, construction,
paper and adhesives industry.

Coating, Construction, Performance Products:

Our acrylates, titanates, uv monomers, isocyanates and anhydrites serve as catalyst, crosslinker, adhering accelerator and binder and are used
in the lacquer and coating as well as in the construction and automotive industry:


Our polymers offer a wide spectrum of application reaching from paper over adhesives and cosmetics to packaging film.

Plastics Additives:

Our additives for the usage in PVC are substances to improve the physical properties like resistance to temperature, light and weather as well
as glutinosity, transparency and elasticity:

High performance products:

High performance additives for the production of hardeners, flame retardants and catalysts.

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